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LED Starry Sky Projector | Bluetooth Starlight Projector

LED Starry Sky Projector | Bluetooth Starlight Projector

  • Scene mode and white noise mode: choose your favourite sound in the white noise mode of the starlight projector: light sea waves, flowing water sounds, rain, dolphins, birds etc. The scene mode contains 8 rhythm music. The wonderful music and the changing water pattern light colour, speed, brightness, star flashing can help you improve your sleep and create a visual and acoustic atmosphere

  • Colour / brightness / volume / speed adjustable: Ocean wave star projector lamp, which is safe for both adults and children, is very suitable for the bedroom. The brightness of the water wave / speed of water wave / star brightness (30% / 60% / 100%) and music volume can be adjusted, water wave colour adjustment: plain, two-tone, three-colour, automatic colour changing mode. Total 14 light effects.

  • Control and timing: In addition to easy control of the function via the buttons of the star projector, you can also control the brightness, colour, and change mode with the remote control. This relaxing night light has a built-in timer. You can long press the switch button on the Galaxy Light to set a 30-minute timer, or press the timer button on the remote control to set a 2-hour timer that will accompany you to sleep.

  • Bluetooth DIY mode: the starry sky projector can meet your individual needs. Connect your mobile phone and the projection lamp via Bluetooth and play your favourite music. Use the remote control to freely adjust the colour, speed, brightness of the water wave and brightness of the stars to complete the DIY scene mode.

  • APPLICATIONFor pregnant women: help with prenatal awareness. For babies: develop curiosity and imagination. For students and workers: improve concentration, eliminate fatigue and relieve stress. For people with insomnia: relax the whole body and improve sleep quality. For the patient: stabilise the mood and relieve the pain.

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Do not let children use this product alone. Please note the safety instructions before use. The product protection class is IP20, which is suitable for indoor use. Use the supplied power supply to power the product. If you need to replace the power supply, please use an adapter that meets the specifications of this product.

  • Bluetooth name: XWG-102

  • Bluetooth control distance: 16 (inside) - 50 metres (open space)

  • The package includes:

  • 1 x manual

  • 1 x projection lamp

  • 1 x 2 m USB cable

  • 1 x remote control

30 min / 2 hour timer

With the switch button and remote control, you can set the night light with a built-in timer so that it automatically turns off after 30 minutes or 2 hours, so that your child is not afraid at night and can fall asleep easily.

Bluetooth speaker

Press the Bluetooth button of the product and hear the prompt: (Bluetooth mode). Then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to find XWG-102, select the connection and hear the prompt: (connect), the connection is successful.

Create atmosphere

The starry sky projector, which can create the perfect night sky atmosphere, is suitable for birthdays, room decoration, children's day, dinner, Christmas, weddings, clubs, playrooms and gifts.

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