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Himalayan Salt Lamp, Elfeland Mini Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Night Light Gift with Cordless Holder for Bedroom, Stair, Porch (Natural Shape)

Himalayan Salt Lamp, Elfeland Mini Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Night Light Gift with Cordless Holder for Bedroom, Stair, Porch (Natural Shape)

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Product Specification

Elfeland Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp

Natural and unique salt lamp is hand carved from Natural Himalayan salt crystals mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Heating the salt with the inside 7 watt bulb, it releases negative ions into the air, creates an effect similar to an ionizer, purifies the surrounding air. This process is enhanced by the natural process of NACL resulting in the production of negative ions which eliminate the positive ions produced by computers, refrigerators, televisions, etc. Bring you fresh air as well as create a comfortable environment for your sleep and rest. Bring it home to decorate not only YOUR HOUSE but also YOUR DREAM!

Shape: Natural Shape, Original Stone
Plug Type: US Plug
Material: 100% Himalayan crystal salt
Voltage: 110-130V
Lamps power: 7W
Package Included: 1 x Rotatable Himalayan Salt Lamp

① The surface may get moist if the salt lamp is not used for a long time, which is a normal phenomenon. Please wipe the lamp with a clean dry cloth and light it up to evaporate the water.
② Please seal it with plastic bag to prevent dissolving if it won't be used for a long time.
③ Not suitable for high humidity environments. Don't immerse the lamp into water.
④ To insert or remove from socket, grasp the base instead of the salt rock.
⑤ Every salt lamp may vary in color, weight, shape since they are the gift from nature.

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Welcome to contact us via ✉[email protected], your opinion is very significant to us, thank you

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Product Specification

  • USE FOR : The salt lamp can be used for bedroom, hotel, living room, hall way, stair, SPA, office, etc. It is also a great addition for meditation and yoga place.

  • CONVENIENT TO USE : Plugs right into the wall with no cords to trip over, no extra space needed. The UL listed 360 degree rotatable plug make it more safe and free to plug in, 3 prongs for stability. With a small switch on the base, you can turn it on/off without pulling the

  • EASY YOUR MOOD : You will feel comfortable and relaxing under the soft glow the salt lamp gives off. The light has calming effect which can easy your mood, reduce your pressure, be good to your sleep and rest.

  • HEALTHY : By releasing the negative ions into air to combine with positively charged dust particles, the salt lamp freshen the air. Negative ions, as found in nature, help to fight against electromagnetic radiation, fatigue and sluggishness, which is very helpful t

  • SPECIAL MATERIAL : As the gift of nature, the salt rock is hand mined in Himalayan mountain and hand carved in Pakistan. We choose the top quality salt crystal to ensure the clarity and color of the salt lamp.


Average rating:
4.8 / 5.0
This top was surprisingly nice quality and fit my husband very nicely. It worked perfect for our family photos. It definitely is a true Navy and white
March 06, 2019
Yao Yang
Excellent product with enough power to clean the dust
March 05, 2019
Do every dirty clean. This car vacuum worth more than the price. Long cord, clean dry and wet dirty. Superb
March 03, 2019
Fred Ford
Great general power meter. Easy to use. Like the easy to read light up display. The temperature reading has been helpful working with Peltier modules. Good meter for the money.
February 27, 2019
Brian Maldonado
This vacuum was amazing! I don’t know how but crumbs and dirt always ends up getting in my car and it was such a pain having to take out the big home vacuum to clean my car every time. It comes with a nice little bad too keep everything in place and Now I can have this little vacuum in my car at all times keeping my car clean!
February 26, 2019
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